National Coalition on Mental Health and Aging Webinar Series- Solutions to Behavioral Health Workforce Shortages and Lack of Funding - Shared screen with speaker view
Matthew Fullen
Thank you for your leadership on addressing this workforce shortage. I am a researcher at Virginia Tech who has been studying the effects of Medicare's mental health provider policy, which, as you may know, excludes licensed professional counselors (LPCs) from reimbursement within the Medicare program. Our research indicates that this exclusion is quite problematic in terms of Medicare beneficiaries' ability to access quality mental healthcare in a timely manner, particularly as it relates to the impact on rural communities and vulnerable populations.
Matthew Fullen
With Medicare mental health provider policy last updated in 1989, many graduate-level providers are excluded when Medicare-insured individuals seek care. How might this issue be resolved within the initiatives of the NACBHDD and NARMH?